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Digo Products is one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of decorative plasters, wall paints, mortars and primers. With over 50 years of experience, the company serves the professional market for the plasterer and the do-it-yourself market.

Thanks to our own efficient production line, we deliver quickly and with consistently high quality. New materials and techniques are extensively tested in our own laboratory so that they comply with all legal and social (environmental) requirements.

 What does that mean for you?

Together with you, we will ensure that existing and new buildings get the desired appearance.
With quality products and a simple system, (re)building is made easy.
By means of fast delivery times, your project is completed within the required time.
Expert personal advice by professionals in construction and renovation projects. 
Samples for projects are customized for you.
Digo Products is, besides a flexible trading partner, also an ideal sparring partner and advisor for all your construction and renovation projects. We strive to make our customers achieve their goals quickly and easily.

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